Learn and practice thrifty witchcraft

...with a community of supportive, like-minded witches.

The Thrifty Witch School is a global remote institution that teaches you how to perform weekly spells to empower you to live your best life.

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Witch School Benefits

Join a Diverse and Vibrant Coven

Receive access to our private Slack, where you can meet, network, and gain mentorship from other practicing witches.

Practice Weekly Thrifty Spells

Perform weekly spells at your convenience, live with our coven and viewers. We cast twice a week via Instagram Live (you can attend either, both, or neither sessions, depending on your schedule and preferences).

Each weekly spell uses five or fewer items — many of which you'll already have.

Get a Weekly Reading

Coven members are afforded two weekly questions for private divining as part of Wren Maple's Witch+ membership program. No question is off limits.

Tune in to Monthly Giveaways

The Thrifty Witch School sponsors exclusive monthly giveaways for participating students. Guess the lucky number on the 1st of every month to win! 

Participate in Daily Witchy Challenges

Fine-tune your craft with simple witch-themed challenges, brought to you every morning. 

Find Your Witch Pen Pal

Revive the art of letter-writing by pairing up with a pen pal, where you can discuss all things witchy or otherwise via snail mail. 

Buy Crystals at a Discount

Students at The Thrifty Witch School receive an exclusive and permanent 10% discount at The Mineral Maven on any purchase. 

Plant a Tree Every Month

For each student, The Thrifty Witch School will plant one tree a month via The Canopy Project, a conservation and restoration campaign by Earth Day Network.

Thrifty Spell Testimonials

I'm so excited to be part of this community!

MaDonna S



I really appreciate your spells so much [...] They're so inspiring.


Ugh. This is perfect. Just what I need right about now.


I loved how [doing this spell] felt to regroup and center myself in the midst of craziness. [...] I'm so dang glad I did it!


The timing of this is supernatural. [...] Many thanks!